You don’t just have to live with hip pain during pregnancy: Here’s what can help

For many women, finding out they’re pregnant is one of the happiest times of their lives. After all, pregnancy can have a lot of perks. Feeling a regular glow of contentment and getting closer to loved ones, for instance. However, there can also be some drawbacks to being pregnant. One of the most common of these are the aches and pains that many women experience during pregnancy, including hip pain. 

How common is hip pain during pregnancy?

You’ve probably heard that women experience many types of aches and pain when they’re pregnant. Soreness in the lower back, tender breasts and pelvic pain — you may have heard about all of these. Yet you might not have heard about experiencing hip pain in the midst of pregnancy. 

Even so, the odds are good that you could develop hip pain while you’re pregnant. One medical study found that hip pain is the fourth most common type of pain that pregnant women experience. 

What factors can trigger hip pain during pregnancy?

There are many factors that can lead to hip pain while you’re pregnant. The weight that you gain is one factor because it puts more strain on your hips. A common pregnancy hormone called relaxin can also play a role in this case. This hormone causes muscles and other connective tissue to relax more than normal, which can cause your hips and other joints to become misaligned and sore. Other common factors that can lead to hip pain when you’re pregnant are: 

  • Poor posture when sitting or standing. 
  • Pregnancy-related osteoporosis. 
  • Your sleeping position. 

All these factors are also excellent reasons to turn to a physical therapist for help with your pain. 

How can physical therapy help you ease hip pain during pregnancy?

Turning to a physical therapist can do a lot to help if you develop hip pain while you’re pregnant. Some ways a physical therapist can help you include: 

  • Teaching you stretching and strengthening exercises intended to reduce hip pain. 
  • Performing manual therapy on stiff pelvic floor muscles that may be the source of your pain. 
  • Showing you how to perform normal daily activities in ways that put less strain on your hips.
  • Working to help boost the mobility and flexibility of your hip joints. 

Concerned about hip pain during pregnancy? Back in Motion can help

Worried about developing hip pain while you’re pregnant? Already feeling it? In both cases, our Back in Motion Physical Therapy team can take steps to help you. We can start by doing a free screening on your painful hip, which helps us determine why your hip is hurting. With this information, our physical therapists can then map out a treatment plan that’s customized to your condition and needs. 

Contact us today for more information about how we can help ease your hip pain or to schedule an initial appointment to start reducing your pain.

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