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Wondering how to get rid of a kink in your neck? Try these steps

If that kink in your neck doesn’t seem to be going away, it may be time to take action. While it may be easy to dismiss minor neck pain as just pain from sleeping in a funny position or craning your neck to look at a screen for hours at a time, neck problems have a tendency to get worse, not better, over the long run. 

It’s estimated that approximately 2% of the population suffers from chronic neck pain — that’s millions of Americans each year — so if you have persistent neck problems, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s a number of effective treatment methods if you’re looking to find out how to get rid of a kink in your neck. 

Steps to get rid of a kink in your neck on a long-term basis

One of the best ways to manage neck pain and promote the health of your neck overall is to see a physical therapist. Physical therapists are trained experts in the structure and functioning of the human body and have a deep understanding of the underlying causes of neck pain

Working with a physical therapist typically involves the following steps to help you get rid of that kink in the neck: 

  • Evaluation — To properly identify the causes of neck pain, your therapist will ask you about your symptoms, review your medical history and perform a thorough physical examination that includes movement and posture tests. 
  • Education — A big part of physical therapy is helping patients understand how posture, muscle imbalances, ergonomics and other factors can contribute to issues like a kink in the neck. 
  • Treatment — The primary goal of physical therapy is to treat symptoms at the source and improve functioning through a variety of methods, including strengthening exercises, range-of-motion stretches and myofascial release.
  • Lifestyle adjustments — A physical therapist can also talk to you about taking steps in your everyday life that can help you get rid of a kink in the neck. This may include posture improvement, taking frequent breaks, limiting time on your phone, staying hydrated and sleeping on a more supportive mattress and pillow. 

Physical therapy is a collaborative discipline that requires dedication and a strong relationship between both parties. It’s important to find a practitioner who can understand your needs and whom you feel comfortable working with on a regular basis. 

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