Why turn to PT to treat a knee injury from a car accident?

Physical therapy should be an important part of treating a knee injury from a car accident. If you notice pain, tingling, or weakness in your knee after an accident, you should seek help from a physical therapist as soon as possible. 

From there, the goal is simple: to improve mobility and reduce discomfort with the ultimate goal of returning to full function. However, you might be unsure why you should turn to physical therapy for help treating a knee injury from a car accident. Fortunately, physical therapists can provide you with many benefits, which is ample reason to seek help from them. 

3 benefits of physical therapy for a knee injury from a car accident

Many people may not be aware just how beneficial physical therapy can be for knee injuries, including ones that happen in a car accident. Here are a few benefits that knee injury treatment from a physical therapist can offer: 

  1. It can help prevent problems later on — Ligaments in your knee can be torn or overstretched during a car accident. A serious tear will typically require surgery. Yet less severe ligament injuries can often be addressed with physical therapy. If you seek physical therapy right away, you can: 
  • Improve knee strength.
  • Boost knee flexibility. 
  • Ease pain.

Additionally, prompt physical therapy can help reduce your risk of future injuries and arthritis.

  1. Physical therapy can help you get better faster — Most people don’t want to deal with an injury for any longer than they have to. Fortunately, physical therapy plans are designed to help people recover as quickly as possible. As a result, many knee injury PT patients find they can return to work and other normal activities more rapidly. 
  1. It can increase flexibility and strength — Physical therapy may be able to help you improve strength and flexibility after a knee injury from a car accident. In turn, it may reduce your need for pain medications making it easier for you to move around. Greater strength and flexibility can also translate into a lower risk of future knee problems. 

Discover top-notch PT for a knee injury from a car accident at Back in Motion

Physical therapy is an important step toward recovering from or protecting yourself from a knee injury. If you’ve injured your knee in a car accident, our Back in Motion Physical Therapy team is keen to help you recover. Our physical therapists can build you a physical therapy program tailored specifically for you. We even offer free screenings that can help you get started with your treatment. You’ll also be able to connect with us if you can’t move around much after your accident. That’s possible thanks to the virtual physical therapy service our team offers. 

Contact one of our front desk coordinators today to set up your initial appointment or to learn more about our PT services.

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