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Why is my wrist grinding when I’m rotating my hand?

Rotating your hand is something you do every time you turn a doorknob. However, commonplace tasks like this can cause you to hear grinding noises in your wrist. They can even cause pain in some cases. 

The exact cause of wrist grinding when you’re rotating your hand can be tough to pin down on your own. You may need to get help from a medical professional. Physical therapists can help you determine the source of your wrist symptoms. They can even help you find top-notch treatment for wrist pain and other symptoms

What is causing the grinding in your wrist when rotating your hand?

The wrist is a complex structure, and many of its individual parts can be a source of noises and pain. Physical therapists have intimate knowledge of the wrists and other parts of the human musculoskeletal system. This knowledge can help them pinpoint issues that are causing your symptoms, including: 

  • Tendinitis — There are six tendons that help move your wrist in various ways. Repetitive movements or trauma can lead to inflammation in these tendons. When this happens, it’s called wrist tendinitis. This condition commonly can cause pain, swelling, and popping or grinding noises in the affected wrist.
  • Wrist osteoarthritis — The wrist contains many bones. The joint surfaces of each wrist bone are covered with cartilage. As you age, this cartilage can wear away. Wrist osteoarthritis occurs when wrist cartilage damage triggers joint inflammation. When the cartilage is completely worn away, you may experience grinding when moving your wrist.
  • Crepitus — This issue causes popping or grinding sounds in the wrist; however, it doesn’t tend to cause pain. The reason is that crepitus can occur when air bubbles in your synovial fluid pop. 

How can physical therapy treat the issue causing wrist grinding when the hand is rotated?

Physical therapists can help you determine if one of the issues above is causing your symptoms. They can then build you a therapy plan that’s unique to your condition and needs. Such plans can contain multiple therapy methods. A few of the methods your plan may include are: 

Back in Motion offers treatment for many wrist conditions

Is your wrist grinding when you rotate your hand? You should get in touch with our team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy. We can diagnose the source of your wrist symptoms with one of our free screenings. Then, our physical therapists can build you an individualized therapy plan designed to reduce your symptoms. 

Don’t have time to come to one of our clinics? No problem! Our team can work with you right in your home via a virtual therapy or at-home care appointment. 

Contact us today for more information about the wrist issues we can treat or to schedule an initial appointment.

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