Why do I have pain in the center of my back?

It can start during a weight training session, or you might start feeling it right after making a sudden movement while playing sports. However, the root cause of the pain in the center of your back might be a mystery to you. 

People dealing with middle back pain aren’t alone. The reality is that 80% of us are likely to develop back pain in our lifetime. Physical therapists can help unravel the mystery of what’s causing your back pain, and these specialists can also help you find treatment for your back pain

Three common causes of pain in the center of the back

Most people with pain in this part of the back are suffering from one of three issues: 

  1. Poor posture — Sitting hunched forward over a computer or cellphone can cause pain in many parts of the back. After all, this type of poor posture can weaken spine-supporting muscles. In other muscles, it can lead to decreased flexibility, and often, the result is a back that’s misaligned, stiff and painful. 
  1. Muscle strains — There are several large muscles in your middle back; two of the most important are the trapezius and the latissimus dorsi. These muscles are involved in arm and shoulder movements. When they’re overworked or moved too far, these two muscles can be strained. In turn, you’re likely to feel some pain in the middle back. 
  1. Herniated discsSpinal discs are present between each middle back vertebrae. Over time, these discs can wear thin and become vulnerable to tearing. A tear allows the inner disc material to poke out and rub against spinal nerves. When this happens, it’s called a herniated disc

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