Why a woman may need pelvic health physical therapy

Not sure why you’d be having trouble with your pelvis? One reason is that there are so many structures in this part of the body. Another is that the pelvis is involved in common activities like going to the bathroom and helping you maintain good posture. 

Pelvic health physical therapy is one treatment option for many pelvic problems. It’s designed to help women treat a wide range of pelvic issues, and your physical therapist can help you learn exactly what’s causing symptoms like pelvic pain. Additionally, this type of therapy has been shown to lead to decreased pelvic pain in 63% of the patients who used it.

What issues can pelvic health physical therapy treat?

  1. Constipation — This condition occurs when the pelvic floor muscles aren’t working properly. In this case, the malfunctioning muscles are harder to relax. This means that patients aren’t able to have normal bowel movements. Typically, doctors consider someone to have constipation if they have fewer than three bowel movements per week. Medical studies found that almost 21% of U.S. women are affected by constipation.  
  1. Urinary incontinence (UI) — Pelvic floor problems can also lead to urinary incontinence. UI occurs when the pelvic floor muscles are too weak to control the bladder. The result is that patients often end up urinating more frequently or without warning. This is a particularly common pelvic issue in American women. One medical study reveals that up to 69% of U.S. women are affected by this condition in their lifetime
  1. Post-pregnancy pelvic pain — Pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body. It’s especially hard on the pelvic floor and other pelvic structures. In fact, medical researchers report that 58% of women who had a normal vaginal birth ended up with pelvic floor dysfunction

How can pelvic health physical therapy treat pelvic issues?

Physical therapists have many techniques at their disposal to treat pelvic problems. Some of the techniques that could be included in your therapy plan are: 

Back in Motion offers top-notch pelvic health physical therapy

Have an issue that’s causing pelvic pain and other debilitating symptoms? Our women’s health specialists at Back in Motion are here to help you find relief. We can perform a comprehensive evaluation intended to identify the pelvic issue you’re experiencing. Our physical therapists can then build you an individualized therapy plan designed to reduce your symptoms and prevent future pelvic issues. 

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