Who should consider visiting a physical therapist for a fall risk assessment?

Fall Risk Assessment

Do you often feel unstable or have difficulty walking? If you said yes, then you’re a prime candidate for a fall risk assessment. 

This medical test is also called a fall risk evaluation or a fall risk screening; its goal is to determine how high your risk of falling is. Typically, your risk is ranked as either low, moderate or high after this assessment. 

Physical therapists are one of the medical professionals who can administer a fall risk assessment. These specialists can also help you figure out if you should have this test, and they can help you take steps to decrease your fall risk if necessary. 

Three groups of people who should consider having a fall risk assessment: 

  1. People with inner ear disorders — Those with a history of inner ear problems should consider having a fall risk screening. Most chronic inner ear issues lead to trouble balancing, dizziness and vertigo, and this means they can also lead to falls. An example of a chronic ear issue that can increase your fall risk is Meniere’s disease. 
  1. People over the age of 65 — Older Americans are far more likely to fall. One study found that about 33% of older adults who live at home fall every year. Having a fall risk assessment can help ensure that you aren’t one of the people who make up this statistic. Medical research shows that having an assessment from a qualified health care provider helped older people reduce their risk of falls by 24%. 
  1. Anyone who has had a fall — It’s a good idea for anyone who has a fall to have a fall risk screening afterward, and this is true even if you don’t injure yourself. Such a screening can confirm that you don’t have a balance disorder that could cause you to fall again. 

If you do have such a disorder, it can help you determine which one you have. The screening can also act as a springboard for treatment that can help you manage your balance disorder. 

Back in Motion offers effective fall risk assessments

Searching for somewhere to get an effective fall risk assessment? Our Back in Motion Physical Therapy team has a wealth of experience at evaluating people’s fall risk. We can do this type of evaluation as part of a free screening. In addition, our physical therapists are adept at creating personalized therapy plans that can improve your balance and decrease your fall risk. We can even work with your right in your home thanks to our virtual therapy and at-home care services. 

Contact us today for more information about how we can help you address balance disorders or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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