Who is most likely to develop degenerative arthritis?

Degenerative Arthritis

You might not think you’re likely to develop degenerative arthritis because you’ve never heard of it. However, you probably have. You just know it as osteoarthritis. 

Osteoarthritis is one of the dozens of joint inflammation conditions that fall into the category of arthritis. It occurs when the cartilage and other structures in joints wear out naturally over time. It’s also one of the most common types of arthritis. One medical study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 67 million Americans are projected to have osteoarthritis by 2025. 

Physical therapists can help you learn who is more likely to develop degenerative arthritis, and they can help you find effective osteoarthritis treatment if you are at risk of this condition.

These four types of people are likely to develop degenerative arthritis: 

  1. Older people — Medical professionals have extensively studied osteoarthritis, and they’ve found that the risk of this issue increases as people age. A CDC study reveals that nearly 50% of Americans 65 and older have some form of osteoarthritis. 
  1. Women — There are many musculoskeletal disorders that women are more likely to develop than men, and osteoarthritis is one of them. An arthritis study by the CDC found that 26% of women in the U.S. develop doctor-diagnosed arthritis. The same study reveals that only 19.1% of men do so. 
  1. People with previous joint injuries — An injury to part of the joint can be difficult to deal with when it happens, but it also puts you at greater risk of developing osteoarthritis. Injuries to the muscles, ligaments and tendons around a joint can also increase arthritis risk. 
  1. People who are overweight or obese — Carrying extra weight around puts more pressure on your joints. It can also speed up the natural wearing of the joint structures. One CDC arthritis study reports that weight has an effect on the number of arthritis sufferers. The study reveals that: 
  • More than 16% of people who maintain a normal weight develop arthritis. 
  • About 23% of overweight people develop arthritis. 
  • 31% of obese adults develop arthritis. 

Back in Motion is ready to help you manage degenerative arthritis

Are you looking for help with degenerative arthritis management? Our team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy is ready to help you find the most effective arthritis management program for you. We offer free screenings that can reveal how far your osteoarthritis has progressed and what symptoms it is causing. Our physical therapists can then construct a management program that’s specifically tailored to your specific needs. You can even manage your arthritis from home if you sign up for a virtual therapy or at-home care session with us. 

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