Which neck posture issues can trigger neck pain?

Neck Posture

For most people, the neck is just something that holds up and helps turn the head. However, many start to realize that the neck does a lot more than that when their neck becomes painful. 

Often, the culprit behind acute or chronic neck pain is neck posture. This is how you hold your neck and head, and poor posture is one of the many issues that result in up to 50% of people developing neck pain annually. A physical therapist can help you determine if you have any poor neck posture habits that you need to overcome. These specialists can help you treat neck pain that comes from posture issues, too. Additionally, physical therapists can help you address issues that may lead to chronic neck pain. 

Three neck posture issues that could be triggering your neck pain: 

  1. Forward head posture — Do you bend your head forward when looking at your cellphone or laptop? If you do, then you’ve put your neck and head into a position called forward head posture. Done occasionally, this position isn’t too problematic. However, being in this position for hours every day can lead to aches, pain, and muscle spasms in your neck and shoulders. 
  1. Poking chin — People who sit in a lower position when working on their computer may find themselves in poking chin posture. This means you’re sitting with your head and neck tensed and your chin pointing upward. Most people assume this posture when looking upward. However, like forward head posture, this normal position can lead to muscle fatigue and soreness if you stay in it for long periods of time. 
  1. Cradling phone — Many of us spend a lot of time on our phone both at work and at home. At work especially, it can be tempting to hold your phone against your shoulder to free up your hands. Resist the temptation. Holding your phone this way puts lots of stress on the muscles on the sides of your neck. Long periods of cradling your phone can overtire these muscles and leave you in pain. 

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