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What to do about a sharp pain in the knee that comes and goes

Knee pain can really make it harder to get through your day. Standing up to do the dishes can become even more of a chore. You might not enjoy walking the dog as much. Even playing with your grandkids might lose its appeal. 

Unfortunately, knee pain is all too common among Americans; medical researchers report that about 25% of U.S. adults are affected by knee pain. Feeling a sharp pain in your knee that comes and goes can be caused by several issues. Some of these include problems like a meniscus tear, knee osteoarthritis and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. However, physical therapists can help you figure out what to do about your knee pain. 

Two ways physical therapy can treat sharp pain in the knee that comes and goes

Seeking help from a physical therapist can be very helpful if you have sharp pain in the knee that comes and goes. These specialists can help you learn the source of your pain. This is possible thanks to their ability to perform a comprehensive assessment of your knee. 

Your physical therapist can then create an individualized treatment plan to target the specific source of your pain. This plan might include therapy techniques like: 

  • Joint mobilization — This technique is a type of manual, or hands-on, therapy. It involves your therapist using their hands to move the affected joint. These movements can have many benefits. One study on joint mobilization for knee osteoarthritis reveals that patients had an almost 18-point reduction in resting knee pain after a six-minute session. 
  • Therapeutic exercises — Your physical therapist can also help you learn therapeutic exercises that can help your knees. Such exercises can be especially beneficial after an ACL repair surgery. Researchers from one study report that therapeutic exercises led to a 70-point increase in maximum knee flexion force on average. 

Back in Motion offers therapy for knee pain

Not sure where you can find physical therapy for sharp pain in the knee that comes and goes? Our Back in Motion therapy team offers many services that can help you treat your knee pain. We offer free screenings intended to reveal the source of your knee pain. Our team also excels at building personalized therapy plans designed to reduce knee pain and improve your ability to perform normal daily activities. 

We can also help you get effective therapy without leaving your home. This is because we offer at-home therapy and virtual care appointments. Additionally, you can use any of our therapy services without going through the hassle of getting a doctor’s referral. 

Take the next step to start getting our help with your knee pain. Contact us today for more information about our services or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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