What should you do to treat a shoulder injury?

Driving. Cooking dinner. Holding on to the leash while walking the dog. Playing catch with your grandkids. These are all normal tasks that can become much harder to do with shoulder pain. 

Injuries that cause pain in one or both shoulders are much more common than you might think. Medical researchers report that shoulder impingement syndrome accounts for up to 65% of all reported cases of shoulder pain. Treating shoulder injuries and pain is something physical therapists are trained to do. In fact, they offer multiple therapy methods that can be useful for treating shoulder trauma and pain. 

These therapy techniques can help treat a shoulder injury

Many different people have an increased risk of developing a shoulder injury. Workers who perform repetitive tasks with their shoulders are one example, and this includes employees involved in industries like painting, automobile assembly and carpentry. Shoulder trauma also commonly comes from playing sports that involve throwing, like baseball or football. 

Our physical therapists can help you deal with many types of shoulder problems thanks to the therapy methods we offer. Some of the techniques that could help your damaged shoulder are: 

Back in Motion Physical Therapy offers effective treatment for shoulder injuries

Suffering from a debilitating shoulder injury? Our Back in Motion Physical Therapy team is ready and willing to help you treat a variety of shoulder issues. Our physical therapists can conduct free screenings designed to reveal the shoulder problem you have. We can also build you a personalized therapy plan intended to reduce your symptoms and speed up your healing. 

Additionally, our team offers other physical therapy services that can help with your shoulder issue, including:

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