Two of the helpful techniques used for knee pain treatment

Many people may not be aware that knee pain is a common problem. Also, many people don’t know how helpful a knee pain treatment plan from a high-quality physical therapy team can be. In fact, many techniques can be used in these plans, but there are two that may be particularly helpful.

How likely is it that you’ll need knee pain treatment?

Knee pain is one of the most common forms of pain people suffer from. According to a 2018 article published by the American Academy of Family Physicians, about 25% of adults are affected by some type of knee pain. That means that you have a one in four chance of needing knee pain treatment.

Knee pain is so common because there are many injuries and medical conditions that can cause it. For instance, sports injuries are a common cause of knee pain. Another common cause is car accident injuries. Even pushing yourself too hard on your daily jog can lead to some level of knee pain.

However, one of the most common causes of knee pain is arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a condition that causes the breakdown of cartilage in the joints. This breakdown typically occurs as a result of the natural process of aging. But, arthritis can also develop faster if you’ve injured your knee at some point. Luckily, an effective physical therapy plan may help to relieve knee pain caused by arthritis or other common causes.

Two therapy options that may be used in your knee pain treatment plan

Physical therapy is a wide-ranging discipline that offers many options for treating knee pain. One common technique that’s used for this type of pain is joint mobilization.

Joint mobilization is a type of manual therapy. It falls into this category because therapists will use their hands to physically move your knee joint in various ways. The specific movements used in joint mobilization are done at slow speed. They are also intended to move the joint farther than you can move it without help. This therapy is designed to help increase the range of motion of your knee, which may also decrease your joint pain. However, these movements won’t move your knee beyond any of its anatomical limits.

A second therapy modality that may be used in your plan is longitudinal gliding. A common symptom that occurs in sports or athletics-related knee injuries is swelling. Swelling is caused by the body sending lymphatic fluid to the injured joint. However, long-term swelling can lead to more pain in your knee.

Longitudinal gliding is a form of soft tissue mobilization designed to help reduce swelling. This therapy is performed by a licensed physical therapist, and it involves massaging the area in the same direction that blood flows out of the limb. Massaging the knee in this way encourages fluid to flow away from the area, which may help reduce swelling and pain.

Back in Motion Physical Therapy can help you find effective knee pain treatment

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