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Three reasons to turn to physical therapists for auto injury treatment

There is something out there that affected nearly 4.8 million Americans and cost a total of $474 billion to deal with in 2020. No, it wasn’t COVID-19. According to the Insurance Information Institute, these statistics are for car accident injuries. 

With statistics like these, it’s not surprising that many people turn to physical therapists for help with auto accident injury treatment. These medical professionals are trained to treat musculoskeletal injuries. These are one of the types of injuries people tend to develop from a car accident. Their ability to offer auto injury treatment isn’t the only reason people seek help from physical therapists. 

Three reasons people turn to physical therapists for auto injury treatment

Everyone has a slightly different reason for seeking physical therapy for auto injury treatment. Some people want their pain reduced. Others want to get back to work, hobbies or sports more rapidly. However, there are several other reasons why people should seek help from physical therapists for car accident injuries. Some of these reasons include:

  1. Their help can be very effective — It is a fact that not every treatment option will work for every patient. However, physical therapy has a great track record when treating car accident injuries. A physical therapy study found that a patient was able to do normal activities like drive and sit without pain after one session. The patient also reported that movement-related pain had ceased by their fourth session. 
  1. They can work with you in person or virtually — While in–person physical therapy sessions are often necessary for people with car accident injuries, some of these injuries can also be treated with virtual physical therapy. You can ask your physical therapist if virtual PT is an option for you. If it is, consider trying a mixture of in-person and virtual sessions. Doing so can help make your overall physical therapy process more convenient and less costly. 
  1. They can help decrease your risk of future injuries — Strength and flexibility are things that everyone should strive for. For instance, a person with a strong, flexible neck may be less likely to develop whiplash during a car accident. Developing such strength and flexibility is a common feature of physical therapy plans for auto injuries. Not only is this intended to help treat your pain and other symptoms, it can also help reduce your risk of similar injuries in the future. 

Find top-notch auto injury treatment at Back in Motion

Struggling to find effective treatment for an auto accident injury? Our Back in Motion Physical Therapy team is ready and willing to help you find high-quality care for your injury. We can even do a free screening to determine what type of injury you have and if it is a good candidate for physical therapy. If it is, our physical therapists can build you a program that’s customized to fit your injury, symptom severity and recovery goals. 

Contact us today for more information about how we can treat car accident injuries or to schedule an initial appointment to start treating your injury.

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