Three pain management services physical therapists offer in Portland, ME

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Treating and managing different types of pain is something that many of us do every day. Yet, many Portland, Maine, residents may have overlooked how helpful pain management services from a physical therapist can be. 

Physical therapists are trained to diagnose and treat the human musculoskeletal system. As a result, these medical professionals can help you address pain in just about any area of your body. Here are a few of the pain management services that physical therapists in Portland can offer you: 

Three pain management services your local physical therapists can offer: 

  1. Arthritis treatment — Arthritis occurs when your joints become inflamed and painful. Often, arthritis happens as a natural result of aging; it’s called osteoarthritis when this is the cause of your arthritis. Arthritis pain and other symptoms can’t typically be cured. However, physical therapists offer pain management services that can help Portland arthritis sufferers reduce their symptoms.  
  1. Women’s healthWomen’s health physical therapy (PT) is different from other types of physical therapy. It’s specifically geared toward addressing types of pain and medical issues that affect women. Some of the types of pain this service can help women manage include: 
  1. Pre- and post-surgery pain — Often, conditions that require surgery will cause you a significant amount of pain before your surgery. Recovering from surgery can also be a painful process. 

Physical therapists offer pre-surgical rehab that can help reduce pain you’re feeling leading up to your surgery. This service can also help prepare your body for surgery so that you have less pain during your recovery. Post-surgical rehab services are designed to help you address pain you’re feeling while recovering from surgery. They can even help you heal faster, so you can get back to your normal daily activities.

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Are you looking for these or other pain management services from physical therapists in Portland? Back in Motion Physical Therapy has a clinic in Portland and another in South Portland that are ready to help you address your pain. Each of these clinics offers free screenings to help you determine the source of your pain. They’re also staffed with physical therapists who are ready to create a physical therapy plan that’s unique to your needs. 

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