Take the steps to the sports injury therapy you need

If you’re any type of athlete, a sports-related injury can have a devastating effect on your quality of life. For many, playing a sport is one of the driving forces of their life — and sustaining an injury can make it difficult or even impossible to engage in it. 

Fortunately, sports injury therapy can help you not only recover from injury, but help you prevent reinjury or the development of new problems. If you’re wondering how to find the relief you need from a sports injury, we’re sharing some of the important steps you need to get there. 

As always, the team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy is available to assist you in any way we can. As you look this helpful guide over, feel free to contact us with any questions that you have. 

How to receive sports injury therapy

It’s important to seek out the right qualified professional for the type and severity of injury that you’re dealing with. For serious injuries, you should seek immediate medical attention from your primary care doctor, an urgent care clinic or a hospital emergency room in the most severe cases. Physicians in these settings can perform a full physical examination, order diagnostic imagery and other testing, and make the necessary treatment recommendations. 

Even for less serious injuries, it’s important not to make the mistake of ignoring the problem until it gets worse. For pain that has not improved in a few days to a week at the most, seeing a doctor or other qualified professional can help to diagnose the underlying causes of the injury and provide effective sports injury therapy. 

No matter what the cause of injury and how severe it is, physical therapy will typically play a role in the therapeutic process. Whether you are referred to a therapist or seek one out directly, he or she can take the following steps to help you find relief and a return to functioning: 

  • Review your medical and treatment history
  • Analyze your posture and movement to identify potential issues
  • Ask you questions about the cause of your injury and symptoms
  • Recommend an appropriate course of sports injury therapy

By recommending treatments to improve mobility and strengthen supporting muscles, physical therapists can help get athletes back to their favorite activities as quickly and safely as possible. 

Sports injury therapy with Back in Motion

We have a highly trained and credentialed team at all of our clinics who are committed to providing the exceptional care that patients deserve, including injured athletes of all ages and ability levels. 

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