Sports injury treatment in South Portland, ME

Whether you’re a professional, student or amateur athlete, a sports injury can put you on the sidelines of your chosen activity. If you’re an injured athlete in South Portland, Maine, it’s natural to have questions about the sources of your injury and which treatment options would be effective for you.

At Back in Motion, we’re committed to educating our patients and want to provide helpful and useful information. The following can help you better understand your sports injury and the treatment options available, including physical therapy. Feel free to reach out to one of our dedicated representatives with any questions you have and to learn more about our South Portland location.

Common sports injuries

Different sports cause different injuries. For example, high-impact sports such as football are more likely to result in broken bones and soft tissue tears. In contrast, lower-impact sports, such as tennis, more often cause strains from repetitive motions. In all sports, some of the most common injuries are muscle strains and ligament sprains due to overexertion and improper form.

Sports injuries commonly occur in parts of the body that have to support heavy loads while still being flexible enough for movement. This is why much of sports injury treatment focuses on the following areas:

  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Ankles
  • Wrists
  • Elbows
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Back

To prevent sports injuries it’s important to warm up properly, practice good form, use proper posture, stay hydrated and don’t overexert yourself.

How to treat a sports injury

In many cases, minor sports injuries can be treated with simple at-home methods including rest, ice, compression and elevation. However, if pain persists, additional treatment may be required, including physical therapy.

Physical therapy for sports injury treatment focuses on exercises that increase strength and improve range of motion. At Back in Motion, our dedicated physical therapists will perform a full physical evaluation to educate you on the causes of your sports injury and provide personalized care plans that help with treatment and prevention.

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