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Shoulder stretches for pain to help Portland, ME, patients find relief

Shoulder pain can be a particularly debilitating problem to deal with since nearly any daily activity involves using them. Whether you’re lifting a heavy object, typing on the computer, doing yardwork or picking up your child or grandchild, your shoulders bear a heavy load. Causes of shoulder pain can range from minor overuse strains to a torn rotator cuff, which is why it’s crucial to have your pain diagnosed by a qualified doctor. 

For almost any case of shoulder pain, physical therapy is a commonly recommended treatment option. One of the core methods of physical therapy is stretches designed to accomplish a number of important treatment goals. If you’re suffering from shoulder pain in Portland, Maine, and want to learn about the benefits of targeted shoulder stretches, Back in Motion is here to help. Take a moment to look over the following information and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Working with a therapist for guided shoulder stretches

Physical therapists have a number of therapeutic tools at their disposal to treat shoulder pain, including manual therapy, myofascial release and therapeutic exercises. Exercises, such as stretching, can help relieve shoulder pain and improve mobility by helping to mobilize the joint and address specific painful movements. Stretches can also help the healing process by breaking bundles of damaged tissue and promoting blood flow to the area. Shoulder stretches for pain can be divided into these two categories: 

  • Active — These are stretches performed by patients themselves, with the therapist providing instruction. 
  • Passive — These are performed on the patient by the therapist and offer the possibility of greater, yet more controlled, leverage and extension. 

Passive stretches are typically performed in the clinical setting while active stretches can be performed at home. By consistently performing the recommended stretches for your particular shoulder injury, you can give yourself the best chance of finding lasting relief. 

Personalized shoulder pain relief in Portland, ME

At our beautiful clinic in Portland, the Back in Motion team has been proudly helping patients overcome their pain and get back to a better quality of life for years. To learn more about your treatment options and our state-of-the-art facility, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you schedule your initial appointment.

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