Should I choose virtual physical therapy services?

It depends on why you are asking that question. While you will likely get more out of an appointment by visiting your physical therapist in person, there are still many advantages to opting for a virtual physical therapy appointment instead. 

Virtual physical therapy is a new platform used to bring physical therapy services directly to a patient from anywhere. While this idea has been largely implemented due to COVID-19, there are several advantages that will keep this platform as a mainstay for many physical therapy practices moving forward. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you would choose a virtual physical therapy session over an in-person one:

  • You’re running short on time — Some days seem to fill up more than others. You don’t really have time to spare, but your back is killing you and you need some help. The benefit of scheduling a virtual physical therapy session is that there is no commute. When your schedule is busy, you may have just enough time for an appointment but not enough time for the drive to and from the office. Fortunately, virtual physical therapy can be done anywhere — at home, at the gym, at your office, etc. 
  • You’re feeling under the weather — In the climate of COVID-19, this one seems pretty obvious. But do you remember the days before this pandemic? People weren’t as careful about not spreading germs if they had a little cold. With virtual physical therapy, you can still keep your appointment and keep progressing forward even if you have a seasonal cold. This helps protect other patients who are vulnerable to sickness due to age or recent surgery, and it protects you when someone else who is sick opts for virtual PT instead. 
  • You’re in too much pain — On occasion, you may wake up with shooting back pain or throbbing neck pain. Those are the days when you need physical therapy the most, but it just seems like too much to get yourself to the office. Instead of canceling your appointment and choosing to stay in pain, you can opt for a virtual physical therapy appointment instead. 

If you’re interested in learning more about virtual physical therapy appointments, contact our team at Back in Motion today. We can walk you through how to set up your appointment and what you can expect from our new platform. We are reaching out to meet you right where you are.

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