Range-of-motion therapy

Range of motion is a term that refers to how much you can move a specific part of the body. It’s often one of the first things affected by many injuries and medical conditions. However, our team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy can help you find range-of-motion therapy designed to treat your issues.

What is range-of-motion therapy?

Range-of-motion therapy is a category of physical therapy techniques intended to help patients increase their ability to move joints. This category includes three types of exercises, and these exercises allow patients to gradually improve joint movement. This gradual approach is helpful because it’s designed to help you avoid irritating an injured joint, and this approach is also intended to help reduce the chances of increasing your pain.

 What range-of-motion therapy do you offer?

Our team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy offers three specific types of range-of-motion therapy. These three types are each used at various stages of your recovery process.

When you first begin therapy for a joint issue, our team will typically start you off with exercises that fall into the first category of range-of-motion therapy. This first category is known as passive range-of-motion exercises. Joint injuries and conditions often lead to the restricting or weakening of muscles. These muscles are important because they’re what allow your joints to move in the first place. Our therapists use passive range-of-motion exercises to begin the muscle-strengthening process. These exercises involve our therapists moving your joints through various exercises.

Active-assistive range-of-motion exercises are used to help patients in the second phase of joint injury recovery. Our therapy team uses this category of exercises to get patients moving while also helping them prevent further injury to a joint. These exercises involve you actively trying to perform the required movement while receiving help physically from our therapists. Assistance devices such as exercise bands may also be used to help perform active-assistive exercises.

The third type of range of motion exercise our team uses is active exercises. As joint injury healing progresses, you’ll reach a point where you’re able to perform exercises without assistance. This may include exercises to continue the strengthening of muscles. Other active exercises may focus on strengthening joint-supporting ligaments and tendons. While our therapists won’t be physically helping you with the exercises, they’ll still be by your side offering encouragement. They’ll also provide tips that can help with things like improving your posture during assigned exercises.

What benefits can range-of-motion therapy offer?

One reason our team uses range-of-motion therapy is it offers many benefits to our patients. For instance, it helps strengthen muscles that are critical for normal joint movement. This therapy is also designed to help increase the circulation in and around the joints. This allows more nutrients and oxygen to get to your joint, which can lead to faster healing.

Another benefit range-of-motion therapy offers is it helps increase and maintain flexibility in your joints. Furthermore, the exercises that make up this therapy are intended to help reduce pain in your joints. Range-of-motion therapy may also help decrease your chances of future joint issues.

What joint issues is range-of-motion therapy used to treat?

Range of motion therapy is helpful for many types of joint issues because of the many benefits it’s designed to offer. Our therapists typically use the three types of range-of-motion therapy exercises for:

  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee injuries
  • Hip pain
  • Ankle injuries
  • Elbow injuries
  • Wrist and hand pain
  • Spine pain
  • Workplace injuries

Find the range-of-motion therapy you need at Back in Motion Physical Therapy

With clinics in Gorham, South Portland, Portland, Brewer and Dexter, Maine, Back in Motion Physical Therapy is ready to help treat joint issues you’re dealing with. We offer physical therapy plans that are personalized for each patient we see, and these plans include multiple techniques such as range-of-motion therapy.

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