Prosthetic training is available right here in Gorham, ME

According to information gathered by the Amputee Coalition, more than 2 million Americans are living with limb loss, and this number grows by about 185,000 people every year. The main cause of this continued growth is vascular diseases. Some diseases that fall into this category include diabetes and peripheral arterial disease.

If you or someone you know has recently had a limb amputated, it’ll take time to get used to prosthetics and other assistive devices. That’s why Back in Motion Physical Therapy in
Gorham, Maine is proud to offer prosthetic training services designed to improve the quality of life of amputees.

Prosthetic training services our Gorham clinic offers

There are many different types of prosthetic training services patients with new prosthetics can benefit from. For instance, people who have had all or part of a leg amputated can benefit from balance and gait training services.

Balance is the ability a person has to remain upright while standing, walking or sitting. When you’re walking, a major part of the ability to maintain balance is your gait or how you walk. After a leg amputation, both balance and gait will be affected. However, our physical therapy team offers specific exercises and strategies that can help leg amputees in several ways. Our balance and gait training will help you strengthen core muscles and other support structures. This is intended to help you maintain better balance, and it may also get you used to walking in a new way.

Another service we offer to help people become accustomed to their prosthetics is residual limb management. We provide information and strategies designed to increase patient education and safety. Our team can also help you learn how to make the best use of assistive devices after your amputation, and we offer desensitization training.

Thanks to these and other services we offer, our team is able to help people with many different types of amputations, including:

  • Below knee amputations
  • Above knee amputations
  • Syme’s amputation
  • Toe amputations
  • Balance and gait disturbances in patients who are already using a prosthetic.

Are you in need of prosthetic training services in Gorham? Back in Motion Physical Therapy is here to support you in improving your quality of life.

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