Physical therapy is a natural treatment for pelvic pain

Whether it’s caused by injury, complications related to childbirth or the recovery period after a surgery, pelvic pain can be a debilitating condition with a disruptive effect on your life. Patients looking for relief often turn to natural treatments as an alternative to medication, injections or surgery. This can be due to a fear of dependency, loss of function and other concerns. 

Physical therapy can be a highly effective form of natural treatment for pelvic pain. A physical therapist primarily uses a number of active and passive techniques that are designed to increase range of motion, strengthen supporting muscles and increase blood flow to the area to promote healing. Because it mainly takes a physical, hands-on approach, physical therapy can offer a simple, natural path to long-term relief from pelvic pain.

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How does a physical therapist treat pelvic pain?

The first step in any treatment plan for physical therapy is for the therapist to perform a full patient evaluation. This typically includes a review of the patient’s medical and treatment history, questions about specific symptoms and mobility problems, and a series of movement and posture tests.

With this information, the therapist can work with the patient to create a highly personalized treatment plan consisting of the following treatment options: 

  • Manual therapy to mobilize joints and soft tissue
  • Stability exercises to help strengthen supporting muscles in the pelvic floor
  • Targeted stretches to increase range of motion

Patients can also expect to receive instruction on healthy lifestyle decisions that can help with the treatment process. 

Exceptional pelvic pain treatment at Back in Motion

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