Pain in the hand and wrist? Treatment options for patients in Brewer, ME

No matter what the cause is, pain in the hand and wrist can be a drain on your productivity at work as well as a hindrance to getting things done around the house, and it can make it difficult to take part in your favorite sports and hobbies. Causes for hand and wrist pain include sprains, fractures and neurological problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, but fortunately there are a wide range of effective treatment options. 

Physical therapy can be an especially effective treatment because it uses the body itself to restore function, reduce pain and lower the risk of reinjury. If you’re a patient in Brewer, Maine, looking for relief from pain in the hand and wrist, Back in Motion Physical Therapy can help. For your convenience, we’re proud to have a beautiful clinic right here in town staffed with an expert team of caring clinicians. 

Read the following guide about what to expect at an initial physical therapy appointment and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need more information. 

Meeting with a physical therapist for hand and wrist pain treatment 

Physical therapists have extensive knowledge of how your body, particularly the muscular and skeletal systems, works together to perform daily activities. Because they are so critical to daily functioning while having an intricate and delicate construction, our hands and wrists are subject to a whole host of painful injuries. 

Here is how a physical therapist can help identify causes and provide a treatment plan for pain in the hands and wrists: 

  • Thoroughly discuss your specific symptoms and activities that can lead to flare-ups 
  • Review your medical history, including any relevant injuries you’ve sustained
  • Ask about any previous treatments you’ve attempted
  • Perform a hands-on examination of the hands and wrists to find painful areas
  • Assess hand and wrist movement while performing a series of normal activities

With this information, your therapist can work with you to develop an effective personalized treatment plan. Typical methods can include therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, dry needling and ergonomic training to teach proper hand and wrist positioning while performing everyday activities like typing. 

Back in Motion for hand and wrist pain treatment

When you come to our Brewer clinic, or any of our locations, you’ll find a friendly and knowledgeable team who will provide you with consistent, individualized treatment. Hand and wrist pain does not have to be something you just have to live with. Relief is possible. 

Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment with one of our representatives.