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Knee pain treatment exercises

You need to be cautious when it comes to knee pain. Whether you are a serious athlete or a casual runner, knees take a large beating throughout one’s lifespan. Unless you can trace the pain to a specific injury, there are quick daily steps you can take toward working through that nagging knee pain. Our physical therapists at Back in Motion will guide you through various exercises that are targeted toward relieving your knee pain.

Try RICE for knee pain

If you have suffered from knee pain for a week or more, consult a medical professional. If you have minor knee pain that has not lasted for more than a week, you can try to treat it at home. To alleviate knee pain and improve your quality of life, follow these easy at-home pain management techniques, such as the RICE method.

Rest: Avoid activities that cause pain for 24 to 48 hours. Go for low-impact activities that will take pressure off your knee.

Ice: Icing the affected area will help reduce pain and inflammation.

Compression: Wrap a bandage around the knee to decrease swelling if any.

Elevation: Elevating the painful joint will reduce swelling and help relieve pain.

Tools and exercises for knee pain

If achy knees are disrupting your ability to move around every day, practicing the following few exercises and participating in physical therapy on a regular basis can put you on the path to recovery.

In order to maintain healthy knees, we need to maintain strong hips. Walking side-to-side using resistance bands is an easy and effective way to accomplish this.  

  • Stand with the resistance band around your ankles, legs at hip-width, and take a wide step to one side about five to 10 times.  
  • Repeat on the other side in the opposite direction.  
  • Alternate for two minutes.

You should also consider buying a foam roller. Foam rolling is a simple yet effective tool for releasing knee pain and preventing future knee injuries. A foam roller will massage out muscle adhesion and knots to increase blood flow for better circulation.

  • Quads — Lay flat on your stomach with the foam roller underneath your quadriceps.  Hold yourself parallel to the floor. Use your arms to pull your body forward and backward rolling from above the knee to mid-hip.
  • Hamstrings — Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you, hands on the floor behind you and the foam roller placed underneath your hamstrings. Use your hands to roll the hamstrings forward and back on the foam roller from the base of your bottom to the back of your knees.

You can also consult a physical therapist to learn more about how these types of exercises can help with your knee pain. Contact us today for more information on knee pain treatment exercises or to schedule an initial appointment.


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