How to find sprained knee treatment in Newport, ME

From athletes, to people who work a physically demanding job, to people who are just generally active, a sprained knee can be a painful nuisance that can keep you away from your normal activities. If you are dealing with a knee sprain, however, it’s important to take rest and getting proper treatment seriously, as rushing back into action too quickly can increase the risk of worsening the condition. 

Back in Motion Physical Therapy is here to help patients in Newport, Maine, who are seeking effective sprained knee treatment. We encourage you to read over the following practical information about how to find a provider who is right for you. You can also get in touch with us at any time with questions or if you’d like to learn more about how we can help. 

What to look for in a sprained knee treatment provider

Physical therapy is a great form of treatment for a sprained knee because instead of masking the pain, it addresses symptoms at the source while also helping to prevent future injury. However, an important part of achieving a successful outcome is finding a therapist who is right for you. When seeking a physical therapist, here are some of the important qualities to look for: 

  • Credentials — Physical therapists need to have received a degree from an accredited school and be licensed in their state of practice.
  • Experience treating your condition — Don’t be afraid to ask about a prospective therapist’s area of specialty. Ideally, any physical therapist you work with should have experience in successfully treating your condition. 
  • Personal compatibility — This can be easy to overlook, but feeling comfortable with your therapist and being able to openly communicate can have a big impact on a successful treatment outcome. 
  • Proximity — Travel can add to your health care costs, and it can be difficult when you’re dealing with an injury like a sprained knee. 

Once you’ve selected the right therapist for you, you can then work together to develop an effective sprained knee treatment plan. 

Physical therapy for a sprained knee

Back in Motion’s state-of-the-art Newport clinic has a friendly, highly credentialed staff with extensive experience in treating knee injuries, including sprains. We’ll work with you one-on-one to develop a treatment plan consisting of stability exercises, targeted stretches, manual therapy and other options designed to restore function and relieve pain. 

Contact us today and we’ll help you schedule your initial appointment.