Golf Exercises for More Flexibility

Think flexibility has nothing to do with your golf game?

Think again! This may be the missing link to help improve your golf game.

Here are some of Back in Motion® Physical Therapy’s favorite stretches for golfers to help you gain more flexibility.

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Neck Stretch

Place right hand on top of head. Slowly pull head toward right shoulder. Switch hands.

*Should feel stretch along side of neck.


Posterior Shoulder

Grasp under left elbow with right hand and slowly pull arm across chest. Switch arms.

*Should feel stretch along back of the shoulder.


Chest Stretch

Hold golf club behind back with both hands. Slowly raise arms behind you while keeping elbows straight.

*Should feel stretch in chest and shoulders.


Internal Rotation

Grasp blade of club with right hand. With left hand slowly pull club up behind back. Switch arms.

*Should feel stretch in front of shoulder.

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Standing Rotation

While standing with feet hip-width apart, slowly turn upper body to the right. Repeat stretch to the left.

*Should feel stretch along middle and low back.


Side Stretch

While standing with feet hip-width apart, hold club above head and bend to one side. Switch sides.


If you have questions about flexibility, strength, or muscle imbalances book a free consultation at one of our three clinics. We will always be able to help you within 24 hours.


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