Five reasons sprained ankle physical therapy helps

Sprained ankles are so common because of the immense stress we place on these relatively delicate joints. The ankles transfer load between the legs and the feet, making every type of movement possible. If excessive load is placed on the ankles, or if there is a sudden unnatural movement, a sprain can develop. 

While ankle sprains are relatively minor injuries that often heal on their own with basic steps such as protection, rest, ice, elevation and compression (PRICE), there are some cases where more involved care may be required. Examples include severely sprained ankles that are causing disruption of normal activities as well as when injuries recur frequently.

In these cases, sprained ankle physical therapy can be a highly effective way to promote the healing process, improve function and potentially prevent reinjury. Take some time to read this quick and helpful guide to some of the tangible benefits offered by working with a physical therapist and reach out if you have any questions. 

Here are the specific benefits of physical therapy for a sprained ankle

A licensed and trained physical therapist can perform movement tests to pinpoint the biomechanical factors that are contributing to your ankle sprain. From there, he or she can create a treatment plan to achieve the following goals:

  1. Increased strength — Physical therapy can help develop the muscles that support the ankles, decreasing the load on the joints themselves. 
  2. More stability — Stronger muscles combined with targeted movement and balance training can help minimize the unnatural movements that cause ankle sprains. 
  3. Better blood flow to the area — Manual therapies and therapeutic exercises help get more blood and healing nutrients flowing to the injury.  
  4. Improved range of motion — Sprained ankle physical therapy involves active and passive stretches designed to increase ankle flexibility. 
  5. Less chance of reinjury — With movement training, stronger and more flexible ankles, and lifestyle tips that can help eliminate stress on the ankles, working with your physical therapist can improve your long-term prospects for injury prevention. 

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