First Visit

Our goal is to help you return to living life pain free through physical therapy.
We don’t just treat the symptoms, we get to the source of the problem by evaluating the reasons your pain developed and often continues. We provide you with hands on treatment, a personalized exercise program and education in self-pain management techniques and prevention of future problems.

What you want to bring to your evaluation appointment

  • Your photo ID
  • Your insurance information cards
  • Your completed patient paperwork
  • If you have one, your physician’s prescription for physical therapy
  • Comfortable clothing that allows access to the areas being treated and for exercising
  • Your appointment book or calendar
  • Your preferred form of payment

Your first visit

You will be welcomed by our friendly front office staff. They will ensure you complete all the paperwork needed before the evaluation, or review the paperwork you brought with you. They will help you navigate the insurance process and treatment program so you can focus on your recovery.

Your physical therapist will conduct a one-on-one evaluation in a private room. This will allow you to fully discuss your condition and any other health concerns.

  • During the evaluation your therapist will first explore your medical history, current pain or injury and the activities you are limited in.
  • He/she will take specific measurements of your posture, quality of movement, strength, and perform specific tests designed for evaluating the condition found.
  • He/she will help you understand all of the factors that influence your problem and your specific physical therapy treatment needs. You will be set up with a personalized plan of care that meets your goals of coming in for treatment.

You will receive treatment and education on the first day to get you started on your road to recovery.

  • You will schedule all future appointments of your agreed upon treatment plan. This is very important to secure your preferred treatment time and ensure excellent and quick results.
  • Your therapist will formally write up their findings and treatment plan. This is to communicate to your primary care physician or specialist if you were referred by one.

If you have any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to call your Front Office Coordinator. We want to ensure your satisfaction and full recovery.

Ready to get treated?