Bursitis hip therapy for patients in Brewer, ME

There can be many causes of hip pain, but bursitis is among the most painful and debilitating. When the tiny fluid-filled sacs, called bursae, that help lubricate the hip joints become inflamed, it can cause pain and limited mobility. The good news is that there are effective forms of treatment that can offer relief, including physical therapy. The goal of bursitis hip therapy is to use a series of physical treatments to reduce inflammation, strengthen the hips, and improve flexibility and range of motion. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with bursitis and are seeking physical therapy in Brewer, Maine, the caring team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy is here to help. A great first step is to better understand the process of working with a clinician for bursitis hip therapy that can get you back to an active lifestyle with less pain. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have as you read over the following information or if you’d just like to learn more about the available treatment options for bursitis hip therapy. 

The goals of bursitis hip therapy

Essentially connecting the lower and upper bodies, the hips play an enormous role in our structure and mechanics. Because of this, they also have to withstand tremendous stress on a day to day basis. Bursitis in the hips develops in many cases as a result of repetitive motions, such as cleaning a floor or laying down flooring, among other tasks. 

Bursitis hip therapy is so effective because it helps people learn proper mechanics, it strengthens supporting muscles and it improves range of motion. Not only can these types of therapies reduce symptoms in the short term, but it can also lead to longer-term relief of bursitis and other types of hip pain. 

After meeting with a therapist for a full assessment, he or she can recommend the following treatment options to help manage and relieve bursitis: 

  • Strength and stability exercises
  • Manual therapies such as joint mobilization and trigger point therapy
  • Posture training 
  • Instruction on at-home exercises and therapy techniques

Bursitis relief can also involve lifestyle changes on the part of the patient, including getting regular physical activity and eating a healthy anti-inflammatory diet. 

Bursitis hip therapy at Back in Motion’s Brewer clinic

You don’t have to live with the pain of bursitis. We have a caring team with extensive experience in treating bursitis in the hips through physical therapy. Start your treatment journey today by contacting us to schedule your initial appointment.