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Back pain treatment in South Portland, ME

Everyone experiences back pain at some point in their lives. Basic causes of back pain are a result of poor posture, strains or overactivity. This kind of back pain can usually be treated at home, but at-home remedies can only go so far if your back pain is severe or chronic.  

Back in Motion Physical Therapy knows back pain. At our location in South Portland, Maine, our physical therapists offer a wide variety of treatment options to help you achieve relief. We use the latest technology and techniques in developing a personalized treatment for you to help reduce back pain and improve your quality of life.

How do I know when to see a physical therapist for my back pain?

Back pain will often go away within a day or two if proper care is taken at home. There are a few ways you can treat your back pain at home, such as ice packs to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, or stretching to provide relief from pressure on the nerves in your spine. Practicing proper posture or developing better sleeping habits will help as well.

Do not ignore back pain if these simple remedies are not effective after a couple of days, especially if it is limiting your ability to perform daily tasks. Our team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy in South Portland will fully evaluate your condition, help you understand all the factors that influence your back pain and develop a personalized plan of care that meets your goals for coming in for treatment.

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Don’t put off seeking treatment by a medical professional for lingering back pain. Patients who suffer from chronic back pain can find relief through physical therapy treatments offered at Back in Motion Physical Therapy. If you are in the South Portland area and are curious about your treatment options, contact us today for an initial appointment.

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