Auto accident physical therapy in Gorham, ME

Auto accidents are unfortunately a very common cause of injuries that require physical therapy treatment. Whether your injury is minor or serious, there is a good chance that physical therapy will be an important part of your treatment and rehabilitation plan. If you’re from Gorham, Maine, and are seeking auto accident physical therapy, Back in Motion wants you to be educated about the treatment options available to you  

To help, we’ve provided the following guide to physical therapy treatment for an auto accident. You can also contact our caring team with any questions you have about how to receive care at our Gorham clinic.

How can physical therapy help after an auto injury?

The most serious auto accidents require critical care at an emergency room or intensive care unit at a hospital. In these cases, physical therapy may play a role later after the patient has undergone surgery or broken bones have healed.

For more minor accidents, patients may feel like they are fully functional after the crash, but it is still critical to seek care as quickly as possible. Often, symptoms will not begin to present themselves until days or even weeks after the injury. In these cases, it’s possible for an untreated injury to worsen during this period.

The goal of auto accident physical therapy is to restore mobility and relieve pain through methods designed to strengthen muscles and soft tissue that support the injured area. A licensed physical therapist will help injured patients with both in-office sessions and guidance on at-home exercises.

Exceptional physical therapy in Gorham

At Back in Motion Physical Therapy, our friendly staff will greet you and help you with any paperwork or insurance questions you have, allowing you to focus on healing and getting back to a better quality of life. At your first appointment, one of our expert physical therapists will conduct a personal evaluation in a private room where he or she will:

  • Review your medical history and discuss your injury
  • Perform a physical evaluation including movement tests
  • Provide education and initial treatment

We’re here to help. To learn more about our Gorham location and the auto accident physical therapy we can provide, contact us today to schedule an initial appointment.