Are there alternatives to knee replacement surgery? A guide for elderly patients in Brewer, ME

Like other joints in the body, the knees are placed under a large degree of stress on a daily basis. Every time we walk, run, jump, stand up and do practically any other movement, a tremendous load is placed on the knees. These forces, combined with age-related changes such as cartilage loss and bone density loss, can lead to conditions that require knee replacement surgery. 

Even with the advent of minimally invasive techniques for these procedures, knee replacement surgery is still invasive, requiring an incision, disruption of soft tissue and a long recovery period. For elderly patients who so often require knee replacements, surgical rehabilitation can be an extremely difficult process. 

While it is the best course of treatment for many, knee replacement surgery should always be viewed as a treatment of last resort. Conditions such as osteoarthritis can often be managed with conservative treatments, including physical therapy. If you’re an elderly patient in Brewer, Maine, who is searching for alternatives to knee replacement surgery, Back in Motion can help. Take a moment and read over the following benefits to physical therapy — and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information. 

How is physical therapy an alternative to knee replacement surgery? 

While no one can reverse the natural aging process, it is possible to manage issues like osteoarthritis of the knee. Physical therapy is a natural method that involves evidence-based techniques designed to strengthen and stabilize the knee. The result is reduced pain and improved function for many patients, even older patients with knee pain. 

Physical therapy to help people avoid the need for knee replacement surgery typically involves the following methods: 

  • Therapeutic exercises including strength, balance and stability training 
  • Active and passive stretches to increase flexibility and promote range of motion
  • Manual therapies, such as trigger point therapy, to relieve pain and mobilize the joint

Physical therapy should also be combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet, regular exercise, good posture and other choices that can help reduce stress on your knees. 

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