Success Stories

Ronald B.

“I was worried about falling down. I went out my door and down the stairs and found myself spread eagle on the pavement. That fall was enough to worry me. You are just always scared. You don’t know when you are going to take your next step and fall…or as I call it “tipping over”.… Read More

Nathaniel D.

“I had injured my back through training and my job in the military. So I went to the VA and told them about my back issues and that I was having trouble sleeping. I was unable to do day to day activities like running or hiking. They sent me to Back in Motion. Over the… Read More

Michael B.

“I told the clinical director over at Hanger that I wanted to use Back in Motion® Physical Therapy. Mike and Andy came over to Hanger when my leg (Ossur Power Knee) came back from repair and spent a few hours learning how it works. The head trainer had come in from Wisconsin and he showed… Read More

Marissa T.

“Today was bittersweet for me, it was my last physical therapy appointment. I said I wouldn’t cry but I did tear up. Tristan, my physical therapist has been amazing! He listened to me, let me cry from time to time and also pushed me to be stronger than I was before my injury. He’s one… Read More

Manuel W.

See why going through a physical therapy program after surgery is so important. Manny is a perfect example of how the hard work can pay off. He even says that when people find out that he just had a hip replacement they are surprised as to how well he is doing. We are proud of… Read More

Robyn M.

“My back and neck were hurting really bad. I had gone to chiropractors and it just wasn’t going away. I’m 39 years old and wanted to be able to do stuff with my kids. That’s why I figured I would try this route and see if it worked. It did! Maggie was awesome. She helped… Read More

Kathy P.

“I started having bad hip pain 6 months ago. As I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery in three months, I figured that it might be the knee causing the pain. Three months after the surgery, the hip was so painful that I couldn’t sleep. Meanwhile my arches were collapsing as my feet dealt with… Read More

Jay W.

“I had been preparing for a week long adventure cruise in the Alaskan wilderness that would involve hiking and kayaking. I was taking some martial arts classes and soon found my knees to be strained and hurting constantly. My doctor recommended physical therapy and through a work contact I started with the gang at Back… Read More


“2004: I was working at the jetport in South Portland loading cargo into the bellies of jets. I injured my back one day while pushing a large container full of cargo down the body of a Boeing 747. After an MRI and several specialists visits, the diagnosis was a herniated disc in my lumbar spine.… Read More

Sandra C.

“Having had low back pain for years, and finally accepting the offer of a free consult from a friend and former graduate of Back in Motion, I asked myself what I had to lose. The first visit with Paul Brown, and then Nicole in the gym, had me hooked. The whole experience was probably only… Read More

Nicole N.

“Before I came to Back in Motion PT I was in a great deal of pain sitting, standing, and even resting. I was depressed from pain and lack of activity. I could not lift anything and sleeping was an issue. Since coming to Back in Motion PT I can do everything pain free. I can… Read More

Mitch S.

“One hundred visits in one year. That’s how long I’ve been going to Back in Motion Physical Therapy in South Portland. I know that because today they surprised me with a decorated treatment room and a week’s supply of homemade whoopee pies. The truth – I wasn’t completely surprised. That’s just the kind of people… Read More

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