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3 physical therapist-approved ways you can tackle constant charley horses at home

Sharp, tight pain. Interrupted sleep. Lingering soreness. Charley horses, or sudden cramps, can happen in any muscle in the body, most often in the calf or thigh. Many factors can trigger them, including restricted blood flow. While charley horses are common, some people get them constantly. Is there anything you can do to help? 

3 physical therapist-recommended at-home techniques for treating your charley horses

Getting charley horses can be frustrating, especially if they’re constantly happening to you. Treatments can vary depending on their underlying cause, but physical therapy can be a great way to address your concerns. Here are three simple methods your physical therapist might suggest you use to treat constant charley horses at home: 

  • Apply pressure to the calf muscle — In the middle of a charley horse, the last thing you want to do is touch the site of the cramp. However, doing this can help ease your pain. You can use both thumbs to apply pressure to the sides of your muscle until the pain goes away. This type of hand-applied pressure is what PT experts call soft tissue mobilization. You can also use a massage roller to apply pressure to your cramping muscle.
  • Stretch the affected calf — In the middle of your cramp, stretching encourages your contracting muscles to relax. While lying down, you can point your toes up toward you and flex your calf. You can also stretch while standing up; while holding on to a stable object, point your toes upward. This position will also stretch your calf muscles. 
  • Elevate your legs — Propping your legs above your heart increases blood flow and can help prevent leg cramps from happening at night. These are both reasons a physical therapist might recommend doing this at home to help reduce the risk of cramps.

To avoid constant charley horses, be sure to remain hydrated before and after exercise. You can also try stretching before going to bed. If at-home treatment methods and tips aren’t enough to kick your constant cramps, you should consider seeing a physical therapist.

Back in Motion can address your constant charley horses

If you are experiencing constant charley horses, it is a good idea to see a medical professional, such as one of our licensed physical therapists. Our team can help you find the cause of your leg cramps and build you a treatment plan designed to stop your cramps in their tracks. Besides some of the at-home tips and techniques discussed above, your treatment plan may also include in-clinic treatments like soft tissue mobilization. 

Contact us today for more information about how we can address frequent cramps or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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